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We insisted on creating a beer that is full-flavored, balanced, and rich with character, but also very drinkable. We selected the finest ingredients; featuring Citra, Amarillo and Mandarina Bavaria hops, brewed with only the finest 2-row base and specialty malts, and white wheat. The malt sweetness blends perfectly with hop bitterness and abundant citrus aroma, to create a smooth, slightly hazy, well balanced American Pale Ale. Above all else we are true beer lovers. We truly believe we have created an Elevated Pale Ale!

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Our apparel line and merchandise will evolve over time, and is designed so you can express your passions. We welcome feedback and will evolve our gear as we grow. Get yours!

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Apr 19, 2017 Blog

The Beer!

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Mar 15, 2017 Blog

The Evolution of a Logo

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