The intent of our apparel and merchandise is the same as the rest of our products...take part in celebrating your passions! Great beer is only one facet of our company and great apparel offerings is a large part of who we are. Check it out!

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We are a beer brand and the outdoor lifestyle is our passion! Our Xtra Pale Ale (XPA) is meant to be a celebration of our brand. We created a beer that is brewed without sacrifice and meant to withstand the test of time. We won't brew a trendy high-octane beer, nor do we plan to create numerous beers to satisfy every beer drinker...quality and drinkability is paramount!

Our XPA is brewed to always coincide with your outdoor pursuits. When the seasons and your gear change your beer doesn't have to...we'll be right there with the migration of your passions!

Do what you do, drink what we brew!

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