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The Beer!

Scottsdale, Arizona


You wouldn't think it would take me four posts to talk about our beer recipe but I'm writting these blogs in cronilogical order. As you may be guessing, I engineered this brewery a little differently.

First off, I am not a brewer. I am a beer lover, outdoor enthusiest, and average businessman. To create my beer recipes I needed to find a brewer. For that I went back to the well so to speak. I had met a great brewer while in Durango named Rick and once this concept took hold I reached out to Rick. Rick and I spent the better part of 6 months working and tweaking a flagship recipe.

Creating a wholesale only, commercially viable beer, is much different than creating multiple recipes for a brewpub. Whereas as brewpub has a captured audience and should brew several beers that appeal to many different customers, a wholesale only beer recipe needs to appeal in a much different clientele and be a viable option to propriotors of restaurants and bars.

We initially planned on creating a medium bodied Blonde Ale. Myself, Rick, and another friend Rick (who I call my Cief Palette Officer) even went to the Great American Beer Fest in Denver last October to taste the competition. After a day of tasting, we realized that a Blonde Ale just wasn't the route to take. I reverted back to my favorite style which is a easy drinking Pale Ale or IPA.

This "pivot" turned out to be critical and will hopfully go down as one of my monumental early business decisions. What we ended up with (after many tastings sitting around dinning room tables in Durango) is an amzingly drinkable Pale Ale that taste great in any season.

Special thanks to Rick P., Rick C., Rob and Timi Sachs, and my wife.

Thanks tasting team!


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