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The Evolution of a Logo

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The Evolution of a Logo

Durango, Colorado


This week I’m discussing the creation of our logo and branding. As discussed last week, even when I knew Elevate Your Passion would be a company I wasn’t sure exactly what that would look like. While I was contemplating an apparel company I was also creating my own idea of a logo. For those of you that understand branding and marketing better than I did, this is a huge process and requires much more than simply drawing something that looks cool.

Early in the process I created what ” I thought” was to be my logo. I went as far as trademarking this logo and playing with all sorts of merchandise (shirts, stickers, hats, etc). Once I decided on the direction of the company (see last weeks post) I knew I had to involve professionals in this process. I really needed help bringing my brand to life. The look and feel of the company on the outside has to match the amazing beer inside!

As you may have noticed I am going about creating a brewery much differently than most. Most, if not all, evolve from a home brewers passion for brewing and sometimes that grows into their own pub or brewery. I chose to approach the process a little differently. I knew I had a brewer who could brew great beer. That is actually the easy and fun part. Because I am creating a wholesale only operation, without built in customers visiting my location, I needed to find a way to promote the beer without the luxury of a brick and Mortar location. Marketing would need to play a much larger role.

I interviewed about a dozen firms in the Phoenix area from very big to very small. Big is not always better and small is not always bad! Budget was a huge issue as the “bank of Mike” was all I have. It’s very tough to justify spending money that seems on the surface to not have any direct benefit. It was also hugely important for me to find a “fit”. Not just financially but someone I trusted, respected, and who understood where I was going. I’m passionate and can’t work with anyone who simple stairs at me and says “we get it”! Well actually no you don’t!! I can feel it right away when someone actually does. It’s like discussing an amazing craft beer with someone who drinks only Bud light…they don’t get it!

So after an exhaustive search I actually picked two different companies. I chose a larger company called AVE25 in Phoenix (avenue25) for all my initial logo work, business cards, stationary, website and a smaller company, called Brandfirm (Brandfirm) for my ongoing smaller marketing needs . After my initial meeting with Avenue25 I got very “educated”. I showed them my logo, that I loved, and told them I needed them to work “from there”. I wont go into all the details but if your interested in how we changed our old logo to the current one you can check it out here (https://ave25.com/elevate-your-passion.html). Suffice to say they went into the detail of creating a true brand versus just a logo. While my former logo had merit it did not match my target audience or truly speak to what I was trying to create. They are very talented people!

Remember…people, passion, community from last week? My company was intended to celebrate the passions, largely within the outdoor industry, of the craft beer community. Our logo had to communicate that message to my audience.

Once we had our logo, color palette, and font type completed, we could now  translate those onto the myriad of products we will need for the company going forward (pint glasses, tap handles, coasters, apparel, website, etc). I think they did a great job! Below is before and after.



Our mountain and signature flag are actually very important. While planting a flag on a mountain has always been a symbol of achievement, we went even further. This flag represents your accomplishment and it represents, symbolically, your goals and aspirations. Likewise, many times it takes awhile to reach or goals and thus the reason we planted the flag just shy of the summit. The journey can be as rewarding as the pinnacle. Below is something you may see from time to time that I wrote regarding this.

More than great beer, Elevate Your Passion is a celebration of who we are as individuals and the pursuits that make us want to live a bigger life!

Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or getting outside for a cause that means the most to you… we get it! We created an entire company around it.

We are the cold refreshing beer when you crave it, the awesome apparel when you want to express it, and the connected community when you want to share it.

During this entire process (late summer 2016) we were actively brewing and playing with our first beer recipes. Next weeks post gets into the evolution of our signature beer recipe and some of the trials and tribulations that went into that process.

Thanks again for tuning in and I hope your enjoying the ride!

Til then…Fill Up On Life!

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